Could It Really Be The CBD?

four squares of people looking skeptical about CBD

I spent 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry and have the deepest respect for those who build a career helping others, such as Doctors, First Responders, the Military, and most Lawyers.

I loved it when a doctor would share a story of how our medicine helped a patient and disappointed when it didn’t help.  I would of course ask if the patient took the medicine as prescribed and if the doctor prescribed a high enough dose.  

It’s the Same for CBD

We have customers that come into the store and rave about how CBD has taken away their pain, helped them stay calm or sleep better.  Some also tell us it didn’t help and in some cases, they simply didn’t give it enough time or took too low of a dose.   

All that being said we love that people are curious and giving CBD a try and its okay if you’re still skeptical.  Consider this…

“studies show that 70% of people that start a CBD regimen, stick with it”

…and we love it when we hear:

  • I haven’t been sick since I started using the oil…..could it really be the CBD?
  • My plantar fasciitis is gone….could it really be the CBD?
  • I feel calmer and more focused….could it really be the CBD?

We’re passionate about helping people experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD and would love to help you with your journey to wellness.  

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