Active 7 Dark Roast Ground Hemp Flower Coffee

Active 7 Dark Roast Ground Hemp Flower Coffee

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Coffee’s perfect companion.  The CBD balances out the caffeine and allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with the jitters.


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Coffee’s perfect companion, CBD. A deep, rich flavor profile comes from organically farmed coffee beans across Central and South America.

Are you a coffee lover?

Do you look forward to or let’s face it…need to start each day with a warm cup of coffee?

Try this in your next cup. The CBD balances the blend and reduces the jitters that can be experienced with other coffees.

Additional information


2.5 Oz Bag (8-12 Cups), K-Cup 4 Pack, Single Serve K-Cup

Usage and Dosage

Enjoy daily or as needed and please use caution when consuming hot beverages.


100% fair trade certified organic jitter free coffee with 15mg of zero thc, broad spectrum CBD/CBG. This dark roast is bold and with strong hints of chocolate and caramel from the Guatemalan Highlands

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