CBD Flower Pre Roll Bouquet

CBD Flower Pre Roll Bouquet

$60.00 or $60.00 $54.00 / month

Give someone you know a “bouquet” of calm, improved focus, pain relief and better sleep.


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Enjoy a selection of 10 one gram pre rolls:

Hybrid CBD Flower

  • Hybrid strains are good for both night and day use. Lending you a calm, relaxed energy to get through anything!
  • examples – BaOx CBG

Sativa CBD Flower

  • Sativa strains can be energizing. Great for creativity and staying focused.
  • examples – Sour Space Candy, Citrus Haze, Sweetend, Midwest, Lifter & Elektra

Indica CBD Flower

  • Indica strains offer users a sense of calm and relaxation. Great for anxiety and insomnia.
  • examples – Suver Haze, Sweet Champagne, & Special Sauce


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Usage and Dosage

1 gram pre roll

use as directed


Organically sustained and harvested CBD flower <0.3% Delta 9 THC, (% CBD varies by harvest)

Hemp Raw Wrapper

Certificate of Analysis on File at Trek CBD

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