Eddie – BLACK LABEL SIZZURP Hemp Derived Syrup 150mg Delta 9 THC Strawberry

Eddie – BLACK LABEL SIZZURP Hemp Derived Syrup 150mg Delta 9 THC Strawberry

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Eddie’s new BLACK LABEL SERIES Strawberry CBD Hemp Syrup is a delicious way to get a whopping 4.3mg of   Delta 9 THC per serving.

Eddie premium products are highly concentrated and are federally compliant with less than 0.3% THC. Enjoy in all 50 states!

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Pour it in a soda, make a mixed drink, or take it straight to the head. Eddie Sizzurp is a tasty treat that can be incorporated into any daily routine.

Experience the effects of powerful phytocannabinoids with this discreet, delightful, and allergy-friendly hemp-derived  syrup.

1 review for Eddie – BLACK LABEL SIZZURP Hemp Derived Syrup 150mg Delta 9 THC Strawberry

  1. Kyle

    It’s very interesting. I’ve never had anything Delta9 before, only recently started looking at 8 and 10. I tried this stuff in the recommended dosage yesterday around 4pm and it lasted a long time. I had a very *** and *** experience with it. Stuff got a little blurry/fuzzy for about 30 minutes but aside from that I was just super *** and ***. I *** an hour more than usual last night and have been in a very good *** all day. I don’t know if any of that is from the Delta9 but it was a good time for me. I would definitely recommend it but set aside an afternoon/evening because it isn’t in and out quick. The flavor is very nice, the MCT oil has a distinct aftertaste but it isn’t enough to be bad, just noticable. Definitely stick to the serving recommendation or even half of you’re like me and have had zero exposure to Delta9.
    *We love our customers sharing their experiences, this testimonial was edited By Trek CBD to align with FDA policy for consumer reviews.

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Usage and Dosage

Pour 1 – 2 capfuls into your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy.

Wait two hours before consuming more.


Sugar, Water, Natural Flavor, Glycerol, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp Distillate, Natural Color, Sucrose Ester, Vitamin E TPGS

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