Green Roads Chocolate

Green Roads Chocolate

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Green Roads has found a way to make chocolate even more blissful by combining hand-crafted, artisanal dark chocolate with hemp-derived cannabinoid extracts

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Chocolate is magical. Whenever you pop a piece of dark chocolate in your mouth and let it melt away, you instantly feel better._x000D_
We’ve combined Green Roads’ award-winning CBD with bean-to-bar fairly traded chocolate from an artisanal chocolatier._x000D_
Each pillow-top bar is infused with 180mg of CBD for an average of 15mg CBD per piece. The joy of chocolate meets the peace CBD brings to create a truly enchanting treat._x000D_
Delicious 62% cacao gourmet chocolate bar_x000D_
Hand-crafted in small batches_x000D_
Infused with CBD from American-grown hemp_x000D_

Usage and Dosage

15mg CBD per piece and 180mg per bar.

Enjoy 1-2 pieces at a time or as directed.


Cacao bean, sugar, cacao butter, hemp-derived cannabinoid extract

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