Trek CBD 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Trek CBD 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

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Looking for a full spectrum hemp extract that does not contain coconut oil, (MCT)?   Trek CBD 750 is an excellent option and is packed with cannabinoids, (CBD, CBC and CBG).

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Trek CBD 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is packed with CBD, CBC and CBG. The additional terpenes make this extract more complete than most and we’re making it affordable for everyone.

Take the first step toward a journey to wellness with TREK CBD.

Usage and Dosage

Start low. Go slow. 

1 dropper = 1 serving. Take one to two times daily, or as needed. For immediate ease, hold the liquid under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. You may add a serving to your favorite beverage or meal if desired.

30ml 750mg (650mg of Full Spectrum CBD, 60mg CBC, 40mg CBG)


Contains full spectrum hemp extract, (including aerial parts)

Hemp seed oil base carrier oil and plant derived terpenes

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