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At Trek CBD, we are dedicated to not only providing high-quality, 3rd party lab-tested CBD products, but we also believe in empowering our customers to make informed decisions about their wellbeing. This includes sharing science-backed, data-driven information about what CBD is (and what it’s not), what it does (and what it doesn’t do) and how it can improve your overall wellness and wellbeing. 

At the Heart of Trek CBD

CBD Products in Wake Forest, NC

Nicolas Pione and his partners are on a mission to help people discover effective alternative solutions that will minimize chronic symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety and allow them to live life with more energy and vibrancy. When Nick was introduced to the potential of CBD and non-psychoactive hemp products, his 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry allowed him to better understand the science behind how it works and how it affects both physical and emotional wellness.

As CBD rapidly grew in popularity, it was being sold in gas stations and dim, dingy shops which (understandably) caused it to be viewed with skepticism and distrust by most people. Retailers were spreading false claims and sharing unproven information to make sales rather than help consumers. 

Nick and his partners wanted to do the opposite and began planning how to create a safe, comfortable environment where people who wanted to explore natural remedies for common ailments and symptoms could do so confidently. 

First, education and research took the top priority, not only understanding CBD itself, but knowing how to identify the false claims, where to find the facts, and how to properly explain the data and research findings behind what is true and what is false. 

Then, they wanted to ensure that Trek CBD products were top-tier and that each store was stocked with high-quality products that would live up to expectations and maximize results. This is why every CBD product at Trek CBD is third-party laboratory tested to ensure safety, quality, purity, and effectiveness. 

The best thing about this place is the customer experience. I’ve been here twice and Nick was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The second time I went, I took my Mom who has chronic pain. She has tried plenty other home remedies and self dosage. Nick spent a hefty amount of time with us and was very helpful with explaining the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD and the benefits of a topical cream versus an oil. The best part about this store is the way it’s set up for customers to sample certain things before they spend any money so they don’t have to worry about getting an oil they don’t like. Top notch store. Top notch staff.
Ryan S.
Wake Forest, NC

About Our Stores

Because most of our team grew up in Nebraska and Nick currently lives in the Triangle – it made sense that our three shops would be where our roots are. So while we may look like a franchise, the truth is that we are locally owned and operated with a product selection that’s carefully curated based on the insight and needs of each shop’s clientele. Despite any differences, we do maintain the same quality and experience across each location and strive to stand out from the competition.

Cultivating Our Space

Because there is so much confusion and curiosity surrounding CBD and hemp-based products, we wanted to bring it into the light, so to speak. One of the first things you’ll notice is that our stores are bright, spacious, and accessible. While many shops are dimly lit and dark, keeping their products behind glass or behind a counter, we display our products openly so you can compare them easily and find the right product for your unique needs – like shopping for vitamins, clothing, or anything else you need. We provide seating areas so you can comfortably read more information about CBD and hemp products without getting overwhelmed.

Most importantly, we have an experienced, dedicated team of customer service professionals who believe in the Trek CBD mission. They are always on hand to answer questions (even virtually), share information, and even offer samples to help you feel confident and empowered along your wellness journey.

TREK CBD Wake Forest Location
Wake Forest, NC

1968 South Main Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587

The outside of Trek CBD in Holly Springs NC
Holly Springs, NC

South Park Village Shopping Center
212 Village Walk Dr
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Trek CBD Lincoln NE Location
Lincoln, NE

8901 Andermatt Drive
Suite 103
Lincoln, NE 68526

TREK CBD Downtown Lincoln Location
Downtown Lincoln, NE

505 N 27th St
Suite #3
Lincoln, NE 68503

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To learn more about Trek CBD, find the CBD information you need, or get connected with the ideal CBD and hemp products that will help your physical and emotional wellness needs, reach out to us today at  919-761-5020 or contact us to learn more! 

Your Journey to Wellness Starts Here

Unsure about where to begin? Let us help. Below are the most common reasons people seek natural wellness.

Trek CBD | Calm CBD Products

The demands of family and work puts stress and anxiety on all of us. Not to worry we can help.

Trek CBD | Pain and Inflammation
Pain and Inflammation

Pain and inflammation can limit your daily activities and fitness routines. We can help make your next run, workout or chasing after the grand kids more enjoyable.

Trek CBD | Sleep

As we age getting to sleep or staying asleep can be challenging. We can help restore your sleep, so you can recover.

Trek CBD | Wellness and Balance
Wellness and Balance

Maintaining good health takes work. Natural wellness works with your diet and exercise routines to help you live your best life.

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