If Not You, Then Who?

TrekCBD is a Small Business in North Carolina

We are in uncharted territory and like many, we have mixed emotions. 

As  parents,  we’re comforted that the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to affect children, yet we worry about our aging parents. As  neighbors,  we want to ensure the community’s most vulnerable, (the elderly and immunocompromised), are cared for and protected.

As small business owners, we hate to see fear leading to panic and we’re concerned about restaurants, retail shops, and their employees. The idea of shutting down the country for 2 or more weeks is a complex issue, one that transcends politics and the media. 

The reality is that large corporations like Walmart are better positioned to survive this and in the end will probably be bailed out by the government. It’s much more uncertain for small businesses and that’s why we need to all come together and support small businesses

As they say…if not you…then who?

What can you do? 

Order take out from your favorite restaurant. Shop a local retail store from home…many are offering free delivery/ shipping and discounts. Buy a gift card/certificate or apparel from their website. That revenue can help sustain a small business and save an employee’s job.

Trek CBD will be open our normal hours to help people maintain their wellness and we have products to help.  Let’s face it, having the kids home with you for the next 2 weeks, conserving toilet paper, and watching the news 24/7… isn’t going to help your anxiety level

All kidding aside we’re offering free shipping, curb side pick up, have gift cards available and will be offering discounts to help everyone stay calm and support overall health.

We’re in this together and if we all don’t come together to support local businesses….who will?

We truly appreciate your support and If we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Call us at 919-761-5020 or email us contact@trekcbd.com