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Wearing a Mask in Public

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death Debate: Wearing a Mask in Public “Give me liberty or give me death”, powerful words originally spoken by Patrick Henry on March 23rd 1775 to inspire the Virginia Convention to send troops to fight the British. He knew that without the troops, we could not win the war and the […]

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We Need to Get Back to Work (Disclaimer Regarding Tough Love)

Agree or disagree, we need to get back to work. We’re not trying to provoke a Thanksgiving like debate about testing, vaccination or the greater good. We just believe that the longer we wait to face our new reality, the more we have to lose.  New reality? We’re all going to reenter a world where COVID-19 […]

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Is This the New Normal? 100 Things To Do While Stuck Inside

Day One of a statewide Stay at Home order and I find myself staring at the calendar and asking myself… when will things get back to normal? Or is this the new normal?  The stress of not being able to see what?s attacking you or the thought of not being able to leave the house has […]

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I’m Off Like a Big Ass Bird

My dad would often say, “I’m off like a big ass bird” and for the life of me I can’t remember why?  He passed away last year and it’s one of the many questions I wish I could ask him.  His expressions prompted to me to reflect on what’s happening right now and how fortunate I am. […]

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If Not You, Then Who?

We are in uncharted territory and like many, we have mixed emotions.  As parents, we’re comforted that the Coronavirus doesn’t seem to affect children, yet we worry about our aging parents. As neighbors, we want to ensure the community’s most vulnerable, (the elderly and immunocompromised), are cared for and protected. As small business owners, we hate to see fear leading to […]

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Mom is always right!

Wash your hands! Something every mother has told her children a million times and as usual…mom is right, (actually about all things😊)! Turns out, washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water can be one of the best lines of defense to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. As excepted, […]

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