Introducing the Trek Rewards Program

Trek Rewards Program

Because who doesn’t like free products!

We founded Trek CBD to help you experience natural, plant-based wellness and your reviews have been humbling to say the least. Many of you have been with us from day one, so let us take a trip down memory lane to see how we got here.

Our Journey

Before opening our first store in Wake Forest, North Carolina, we wanted to understand how people were using CBD.  To no surprise, we found that people were excited about how it made them feel calmer, relieved their pain, and offered them a better night’s sleep.  

The stories about how it changed their life were amazing, and in some cases brought tears to our eyes. It got us excited about being able to help others!

We launched in December of 2019 and quickly got reviews about the quality of our products, our passion for customer service, and the CBD education we provide.  Fast forward a few months to a week after our grand opening celebration…. and the world changed forever.

Confronted by a county-wide stay at home order, we petitioned to stay open and serve our customer’s through local delivery, curbside pickup, and shipping. Like many small businesses, we saw a decline in sales and with people not leaving their homes, a drop in new customers.  Not what we planned for, to say the least.

How Trek CBD is Moving Forward

2020 was a tough year for many of us and as we look back there are many learnings. The biggest one may be how nothing is more important than the health of our family and friends, (#2 might be how stressful it is having your spouse at home24/7😊). 

We recognize how stress, pain, and insomnia can impact the quality of your life and how that can keep you from living the life you want.  We know that CBD can help and we want to help you by making it accessible and more affordable.

We’re Committed to Your Health

Before we get to how we can help save you money, let’s talk about consistency.  Once you find the dose that works best for your body (this can take up to 2 months), using it daily and often multiple times per day will produce more consistent results.  It simply does a better job reducing pain or stress when it’s present and has time to work.

We recognize that the commitment your making to your health is not free and we want to help you in a couple of different ways:

  1. Most of our products are below the manufacturer’s prices, saving you money.  When we can negotiate better pricing, we pass on a part of the savings to you by lowering our prices (see these Trek CBD Gummies, for example)
  2. We also offer a 10% monthly discount when you sign up for a subscription at
  3. And NOW, a cashback loyalty program, Trek Rewards!

How Does Trek Rewards Work?

It is simple, free, and gives you 10% back every time you shop with us! Your reward dollars never expire, so you can save them up for free products. You can enroll at any of our stores or online by creating an account at

Check out the example below:

Introducing Trek Rewards and example of how it works

Wait, There’s More!

As a reminder, we offer free local delivery, expedited shipping, and more fun and exciting ways to save $$ below:

  • Want to spread the good news about Trek CBD and earn $$? Ask about our referral program.
  • Like free products? Join our email list and enjoy monthly promotions and free products!
  • Want a gift?  Place an order at and you will receive something with every order, (take that amazon😉)

We appreciate you supporting us and hope that in 2021 you shop other small businesses as we are all in this together.  

Be well,

Nick Pione

Co-founder Trek CBD