What is Legal THC?

…”would you buy your nutritional products at a gas station or smoke shop?”… 

Cannabis has had a storied ride in the US.  During the 19th and early 20th centuries, cannabis was used widely as a medical treatment for pain and other ailments. For a time, it seemed that everyone was “high” (pun intended) on the idea of herbal remedies.

This was also a time where pharmaceuticals began to take hold, with the arrival of penicillin in 1929.  What happened next and what some would describe as mere coincidence was the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 and the roots of what would become total prohibition with the passing of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

So why would a plant that has shown promise for numerous medical conditions, provides an alternative to alcohol for stress and relaxation….cause so much controversy?  Many theories exist, however one thing is certain….more and more Americans want access to THC.

So where do we stand today?  California was the first state to legalize Medical Marijuana in 1996 and now 38 states now have a similar program, and 21 states have a full recreational program.  The laws can be confusing and with >80% of Americans wanting access to THC…why isn’t it Federally Legal?

As with many political issues….the will of the people isn’t always the priority of our elected representatives…until it came to legalizing Hemp.  In 2018, the Farm Bill came up for renewal and in that bill included a provision for legalizing Hemp that contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.  This opened the door for “Legal THC” and gave all Americans access to THC.

You might be wondering….

What is Hemp?  Is it safe? Why THC? And where can you buy Legal THC? 

What is Hemp?

Hemp and Marijuana are from the same species of Cannabis L Sativa and are differentiated by their percentage of Delta 9 THC.  Hemp is defined by the Federal government as having 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight or less and Marijuana having >0.3% Delta 9 THC.  Can hemp get you high?  Yes, depending on the weight of the item, (gummy, cookie, etc) 0.3% can provide up to 100mg of Delta 9 THC or more.   This is the basis for Legal THC and why it’s exploding in popularity.

Is it safe?

The Legal THC market is unregulated and due diligence should be taken to ensure what you’re ingesting is safe.  The following are a few questions you should ask before purchasing Legal THC:

  • Where was the hemp grown?
    • Hemp is a bio collector, meaning it absorbs nutrients and contaminants from its surroundings.  Where it grows matters and US grown hemp is superior to foreign plants.
  • Do the finished products have a Certificate of Analysis, (COA)?
    • A Potency COA will show the Mg and % of each cannabinoid including THC.  A Full Panel COA will include an analysis of heavy metals, pesticides, molds and mycotoxins.  A full panel COA is preferred and considered the gold standard in the industry.
  • Does the person behind the counter know what they’re talking about?
    • I know it seems subjective, however would you buy a computer from someone who couldn’t explain how it works or what’s included inside?  The education of the staff can speak to the quality of the products on the shelf.
  • Does the finished product meet Voluntary Regulatory Standards?
    • This industry is unregulated, and brands are not bound by a uniform regulatory standard.  That said, good standards have been created and should be followed.  The following should apply:
      • List of all ingredients and mg for all cannabinoids
      • FDA warnings & 21 years or old labeling
      • Child resistant packaging & QR code link to COA

Why Legal THC?

The 3 main reasons people may seek out Legal THC is for Sleep, Stress or Anxiety or Pain. 

However, we’re living in stressful times and relaxation can be in short supply.  People are also looking for non-alcoholic alternative like Cannabis Seltzers to limit their alcohol intake.

There are numerous medical studies for various medical conditions studying THC & CBD and more research is ongoing.  As a consumer it’s up to you to decide if Legal THC can benefit your lifestyle.

Where can I buy Legal THC?

Well, unfortunately everywhere.  It can be found at a gas station, tobacco shop, online or in a specialty CBD/Hemp store.  Where you purchase does matter and the question I ask consumers:

…”would you buy your nutritional products at a gas station or smoke shop?”… 

If your answer is no and the web seems like an uncertain place as well…try a store that only specializes in Hemp Derived Products, like Trek CBD.

At Trek CBD we offer a carefully curated selection of Legal THC that includes:

  • Gummies, Chocolates, Tinctures, Topicals, Seltzers and Smokeable Options.

We source the finest Hemp Derived Legal THC, in an environment that is open well light and our staff is the best in business at helping people find what they need.

All the best on your journey to wellness.

Nick Pione

Founder, Trek CBD

Nick is an Entrepreneur, former Pharmaceutical VP, Blog Writer Contributor to numerous publications.

Nick Pione