If I take CBD, Will I Pass a Drug Test?

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 When you come into Trek CBD, we want to get to know you and start by asking your name and shaking your hand, (prior to COVID-19 of course). We want you to feel comfortable, so we can create a unique experience for each customer. 

The journey to wellness starts with our story and how we sourced every product in the store to ensure each product is free of pesticides, molds and heavy metals. We talk about how the Hemp plant has 113 different cannabinoids. This is known as the entourage effect  and… we’re often asked:

Will I pass a drug test when taking a Full Spectrum CBD product?

It’s a fair question and one that depends on a few things:

Your body.

Depending on how much CBD you’ve taken, your age and the speed of your metabolism, in rare situations THC can build up in your fat stores.

The sensitivity of the test.

Drug tests are most commonly looking for THC and not CBD and testing assays can vary.  For example, Immunoassay tests utilize antibodies to detect the presence of drugs. These antibodies differ slightly across manufacturers and can lead to differing results. However, immunoassays are typically followed up with additional confirmatory tests that are more effective in differentiating THC from other cannabinoids that may be cross-reactive.

While these follow-up tests would indicate a false positive, it’s important to note that in high doses, some CBD products may contain enough THC to trigger an actual positive reading.

The consistency and quality of the product.

CBD is an unregulated industry and that can lead to inconsistencies with manufacturing. This means some products can contain impurities and potentially a higher amount of THC than listed on the bottle. No worries, all our products are tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure quality and potency and to always have <0.3% THC.

The short answer is… It’s unlikely that you would fail a drug test when taking a Full Spectrum CBD product, particularly those governed by a Certificate of Analysis, (COA) by an accredited third-party laboratory*

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We do not want anyone to have to choose between their wellness and their job, so we offer a full line of Zero THC products.

Your wellness is our mission and we want you to experience the many therapeutic benefits of CBD through Education, Quality and Value. 

Rest assured, all our products have been rigorously tested for quality, potency and purity*.

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Stay safe and be well.

*all products sold by Trek CBD are governed by a 3rd party lab analysis, (COA)