Cozy Fall Recipes for CBD Lovers

cozy CBD recipes

Upgrade Your Warm Treats This Season

When the temperature falls, you want to stay warm and cozy any way you can. When you’ve cuddled up on the couch with your warm blanket and fuzzy socks, you want some comforting food and drink to go along with it. They just complete the picture!

While you could opt for your standard cup of joe or hot cocoa, those can get boring after a while. But, by adding CBD products to your warm fall drinks and even your dessert recipes, you’re getting the best of both worlds…a great recipe with a new flavor.

If you’re a CBD lover, you’re in luck. We have some recipe ideas for you to try to add some flavor to your fall cooking.

First of All: What is CBD?

CBD is one of 113 compounds that are found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not provoke any psychoactive reaction. Instead, it appears to have many medicinal properties. 

Many products that you use and eat daily can be infused with CBD. Everything from coffee to skincare can be made to include CBD. 

Recipe Ideas for CBD Fans

If you’re a CBD lover, chances are you’re looking for ways to incorporate your favorite products into your fall recipes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Start Your Day Off Right with a Cup of Joe

If you start your day off with a cup of coffee, why not change up the routine and brew a hemp-infused coffee blend? You’ll still get your caffeine, just minus the morning jitters. Plus, a bit less acidic taste which is another bonus.

Hot Toddy with a CBD Twist

Hot toddies are a fall favorite. While recipes can vary, one standard ingredient is honey. Instead of using your regular honey, substitute CBD & Hemp Infused Honey to kick it up a notch. This lets you enjoy your traditional hot toddy while getting the benefits of a CBD product.

Honey Pancakes

Besides using honey for your hot toddy, you can use honey to make pancakes. Honey pancakes are easy to make, just use your regular pancake mix and add two tablespoons of honey for flavor. Swap out your regular honey for CBD honey and you have a new breakfast recipe this fall.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Nothing says cozy and warm like a cup of hot chocolate. We’re not talking about the one that mixes powder and water. We’re talking about a rich cup of real hot chocolate. This requires melting chocolate and adding sugar and milk. You can substitute regular pieces of melted chocolates with CBD chocolates. Just break off pieces from a CBD chocolate bar and add them to your hot chocolate. You can even decide whether you want milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Brownie Treats

Besides making hot chocolate, you can swap out regular chocolate or chocolate chips for CBD chocolate to make homemade brownies. This is a great way to put a new twist on an old favorite.

Tea Time

You can never go wrong with a relaxing cup of hot tea in the fall. With so many different types to choose from, you can try a different one every day of the week. There is a variety of CBD teas that can help to relax and keep you warm on a brisk fall day. From green tea to mushroom defense tea, there’s something for everyone.

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There are many fall recipes to can incorporate your favorite CBD products in to change things up. You can even get creative and concoct your own creation for a new fall favorite recipe.

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