Taking the Stress Out of the Holidays

How to Make the Last Months of 2021 Your Best Yet

Today it’s different.  As parents or spouses, we get to experience the joy of the holidays through the eyes of our children or partner.  We also get to enjoy the stress of finding that perfect or all too often sold-out gift. The most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful time of the year.

So, what can you do to take the stress out of the next couple of months?  

First, Focus on You

You need to make time for yourself and not just get lost in focusing on others.  Give yourself permission to talk a walk or grab a pumpkin spiced latte and read a book. Making time for you and whatever brings you calm, will ultimately make this holiday season better for you and those you love.

Feeling better already?  Great!  Before we talk about what can be done, think about this:

  • What causes you the most stress during the holidays?    
  • What can you do differently this year to remove that stress?    
  • How awesome would your holidays be if all you had to do was focus on enjoying your family and friends?

Holiday Stressors and Their Solutions

What causes your stress maybe be different, but does any of this sound familiar?


The relative that likes to discuss politics, religion, or anything else controversial.


Avoid the arguments and instead, make it fun by using the “swear jar” strategy. Every time one of those subjects is brought up, that person donates $5 to the jar and the person with the most contributions picks the charity to donate the money to.


Everyone is on their devices and not appreciating all the work you have done for the big day?


Collect everyone’s phone and instead keep them occupied with a scavenger hunt and a series of clues that leads them to their last gift.


The stress of having to shop for the perfect gift for everyone.


Let it go and take comfort in the fact that even the best of intentions may lead to them returning the gift.  Instead of giving a gift card, make time to shop with them, either online or in the store.   They will appreciate the fact that you want to see the joy on their face when they pick out exactly what they want.  

What Else Can You Do?    

Sleep 1 Extra Hour Every Night

Sleep  is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being.  

Sleep  is  important  because it gives your body time to repair and be ready for the next day.  Ideally, your body needs between 7-8 hours every night, for now, start with adding just 1 more hour.    

This small change can make all the difference in how you navigate the stress of the holidays.  I hope this helps you finish 2021 with a smile on your face and less stress in your life.

Be well and enjoy!

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